List of supported control units by Vag-Prog 2012

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MicroOBD interface

Vag-Prog 2012 supports the following ECUs (dashboards, immobilizers, engine ECUs):

AudiA12011VDO (V850)
 A2/3/4/619992001VDOUnencrypted(plaintext EEPROM)
 A2/3/4/620002004RB4Encrypted EEPROM
 A2/3/4/620012004VDOEncrypted EEPROM
 A2/3/4/620052008RB8Encrypted EEPROM
 A3/S319961999VDOAll models
 A4/S419941997VDOOlder model
 A4/S419971999VDONew model
 A6/S619941997VDOOlder model
 A6/S619971999VDONew model
 A8/S819941996VDOOlder model
FordGalaxy19962000HC11E9Some types
 Galaxy20002001VDOAll models
 Galaxy20022006VDOAll models
PorscheCayenne20032008BoschAll models
SeatAlhambra19962000HC11E9Some types
 Alhambra2000VDOAll models
 Altea2010VDO (V850)
 AlteaAll models
 CordobaVDOAll models
 Ibiza2010VDO (V850)
 IbizaVDOAll models
 Leon2010VDO (V850)
 LeonVDOAll models
 Mii2012VDO (V850)
 ToledoVDOAll models
ŠkodaCitigo2012VDO (V850)
 Fabia2011VDO (V850)
 Fabia I19992008VDOAll models
 Fabia II20062009VDO
 Octavia I19952009VDOAll models
 Octavia II20042006VDOUnencrypted(plaintext EEPROM)
 Octavia II20062009VDOEncrypted EEPROM
 Octavia II2010VDO (V850)
 Roomster2011VDO (V850)
 Roomster (A05)20062008VDOAll models
 Superb20092012VDO (NEC V850)Encrypted EEPROM
 Superb2009VDO (V850)
 Superb (B5)20012008VDOAll models
 Yeti2010VDO (V850)
VolkswagenAlhambra2012VDO (V850)
 Amarok2011VDO (V850)
 Beetle2012VDO (V850)
 Caddy2011VDO (V850)
 Caddy IIAll models
 Golf IVBOOAll models
 Golf IVMMOAll models
 Golf IVRB8All models
 Golf IVVDOAll models
 Golf Plus2010VDO (V850)
 Golf V20032006VDOUnencrypted(plaintext EEPROM) All models
 Golf V20062008VDO (Micronas)Encrypted EEPROM
 Golf VI2010VDO (V850)
 Jetta2011VDO (V850)
 Multivan T5.22012VDO (V850)
 Passat2010VDO (V850)
 Passat B5Jaeger M73
 Passat B5MM4
 Passat B5MMO
 Passat B5panel BOO
 Passat B5RB8
 Passat B5VDOAll models
 Passat B6VDO
 Polo2010VDO (V850)
 Scirocco2010VDO (V850)
 Sharan19962000HC11E9Some types
 Sharan20002001VDOAll models
 Sharan2002VDOAll models
 Sharan2011VDO (V850)
 Tiguan2011VDO (V850)
 Touareg20022006BoschAll models
 Touareg2011VDO (V850)
 Touran20032006VDOAll models
 Touran20062009VDOEncrypted EEPROM Excluding some minidot versions
 Touran2011VDO (V850)
 Transporter T4VDO
 Transporter T5.22010VDO (V850)
 Transporter T5VDO
 Up!2012-VDO (V850)
Engine ECUs:
ŠkodaSIMOS 3.3ASiemensAll models
 SIMOS 7.1SiemensAll models
 EDC 15P+BoschAll models
 EDC 15VM+BoschAll models
 EDC 16U1BoschAll models
 EDC 16U34BoschAll models
Škoda/VW/SeatVW2SiemensAll models
 VW3SiemensAll models
 VW5SiemensAll models
VW/ŠkodaVW62SiemensRead only
VWVW8SiemensRead only
 VW10SiemensRead only
AudiBoschBoschAll models
At this moment there are known problems with software versions of following instrument clusters: 2K0920865J, 3T1920841H, 1Z0920843M. We are working on addition of these control units.
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