Vag-Prog 2012

MicroOBD interface

This is European high quality product with 2-year warranty.
Vag-Prog 2012 is a programmer of ECU configuration memories (serial EEPROM). Support includes vehicles of VW concern (Volskwagen, Audi, Škoda, Seat) - engine, immobilizer, dashboard and airbag control units. The program is successor to the world-famous VAG-PROG and is regularly updated to provide the widest possible support for different types of control units. All operations are carried out only through diagnostic interface, by connection to vehicle's OBD-2 socket. There is no need to disassemble control units, solder the EEPROM, etc.

Vag-Prog allows you to get and set configuration parameters that cannot be changed/read using classic diagnostics. The program works under Microsoft® Windows® operating system and supports CAN-BUS and K-line buses.

Vag-Prog 2012 is an indispensable tool in modern garage where is solved an essential part of the vehicle - electronics. In developing this program, we aimed for maximum simplicity and intuitiveness of use. It is not so necessary to learn a complex structures in memory and processor management. Frequently used operations are automated in a comfortable user interface. Basic knowledge of PC user is sufficient for programming control units.

Key features

Vag-Prog primarily uses direct memory access to EEPROM and allows you to perform especially the function below: All other operations can be performed by VAG-COM diagnostics. VAG-PROG is not a substitute for VW diagnostics, but its complement, which should not be missing in any professional garage.

Vag-Prog 2012 works under Windows and communicates with vehicle using MicroOBD interface, that connects to USB port.

Vag-Prog 2012 set

The program comes in set that includes:

Hardware and software requirements

Vag-Prog can be ideally used on portable computer - laptop or netbook, but it can be used as well on personal computer. For connection to vehicle is used MicroOBD diagnostic interface, that connects to USB port of your computer.

Minimum PC requirements:

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